Gardening in East Tennessee

Summer is quickly approaching, and with all the sunshine and warm weather comes gardens.

Gardening can be a tricky craft to perfect. It’s all about finding what grows best in your neck of the woods and how to care for it.

According to, the United States is broken down into 13 growing zones based off of the temperature a certain area reaches during the winter.

The zones are also broken down to figure in what plants grow best in your area.

According to the website, east Tennessee resides in zone seven.

While the USDA map doesn’t take into account the amount of yearly rainfall or summer temperatures, it still does a good job at telling you what plants will thrive in your area.

According to, some of the best flowers to grow in zone seven include daffodils, hydrangeas, pansies, zinnias and many other beautiful plants!

If you are more interested in starting a vegetable garden try growing tomatoes, corn, turnips, broccoli or potatoes.

If vegetables aren’t that appetizing to you there are many fruit plants that grow well in zone seven like apples, cherries, grapes and pears.

Now that you know what grows best in this area find out which plants require lots of care or plants that grow well without a lot of help.

Gardening can be a big task to take on, so if you don’t want to spend too much time on your plants find ones that do well with little care.

Good luck with gardening this summer!