Boone Lake Clean Up

The Boone Lake Association will be holding the annual Boone Lake Clean Up April 29.

According to, the Boone Lake Association was started in 1983 after some parts of the lake were deemed “not fit for human contact”.Parts of the lake were filled with trash.

A group of concerned residents banned together to form the Boone Lake Association.

Their goal is to keep Boone Lake as clean and healthy as possible to ensure visitors with a safe and fun trip to the lake.

Each year a clean-up is scheduled for the lake where volunteers go out and pick up trash in or around the area.

To keep morale high the Boone Lake Association is offering prizes to people who participate in the event.

Each time a participant fills a bag full of trash they will receive a ticket. They will then be able to turn their tickets into a door prize event where some lucky winners will be chosen to receive prizes.

Of course, if you turn in more bags of trash the more chances you have of winning a prize!

If you are feeling up to the challenge head out to Boone Lake April 29 to see if you will be one of the lucky winners!