Meet GINI: The Green Interfaith Network


Photo by Hailey Massie


The Green Interfaith Network, Inc. (GINI) is a local organization in the Tri-Cities focusing on promoting sustainable practices in faith communities and non-profit organizations in the area.

According to the group’s website, the organization is made up of volunteers who encourage faith-based sustainable practices and living.

The group is also known for conducting energy assessments for churches and non-profit businesses in the area. These energy assessments are completed in order to help non-profits reduce their power usage and save money.

Carol Landis, the current president of GINI is doing everything in her power to make sure the organization has a lasting impact on the region.

“By doing these energy assessments, we help [churches and non-profit businesses] make changes that can help them save money on energy bills,” said Landis. “They then can allocate that money to important missions or ministries in their local congregation.”

Anyone of any faith is welcomed to join the group’s efforts to making the Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee regions environmentally sustainable.

Besides conducting energy assessments the group also holds various community events like screening environmental documentaries and hosting workshops on how to begin a “Green Team” at your place of worship.

If you are interested in opportunities to network with people from other regional faith groups and want to help spread a message of sustainability you should check out the group, as it is volunteers who keep the organization running!



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