Tips on Living Sustainably

It can be a difficult task to live sustainably in today’s world, but you don’t have to change up your entire routine to make a difference.

When people think about living sustainably many of them immediately picture a dirty hippy, but living in a sustainable matter is all about using only what you need and not wasting resources.

One way you can start practicing sustainable methods is by buying a reusable water bottle.

Instead of buying multiple plastic water bottles use a reusable water bottle to save money and also decrease your amount of waste.

Another tip on living sustainably is to turn off the sink when brushing your teeth.

I’ve seen many people leave the sink running while brushing their teeth. It’s not hard to turn it off before you start brushing and only turn it on when you need it.

Not only does this tip help save water, but it will also probably lower your water bill!

Next tip is to use reusable grocery bags. Using these bags means not throwing away all of those plastic bags you leave the supermarket with!

If you find yourself spring cleaning your closet this month don’t throw away all of the clothes you don’t want. Donate your unwanted clothes. Not only does this save on your amount of waste it also helps people in need.

See, living sustainably isn’t so hard! It’s the little things that make a big difference!


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