Bristol Caverns

Growing up in Bristol, Tennessee, one of my favorite memories is visiting the Bristol Caverns with my father.

The Bristol Caverns are a magnificent sight to see as they take you back to ancient times where the Earth was still forming to the landscape it is today.

The caverns are not just a pretty sight to see, as they were used by many Native American tribes hundreds of years ago.

According to, Indians used the caverns as an escape route when they would attack settlers.

The warriors would use this route to secretly creep up on unsuspecting frontiersmen and then disappear back into the caverns.

Nature’s art can truly be seen at these caverns. As pathways lead you across various arches and humungous columns all carved by an underground river millions of years ago.

Tours of the caverns are offered year round. Paved pathways and lighting make it easy for anyone to explore the vicinity.

A gift shop is also on site so you can bring your friends and family a memento from your trip.

If you live in the Tri-Cities I definitely recommend you take a trip to see these wonderful caverns. Anyone from kids, teenagers and the elderly can enjoy the tour around these ancient routes.

The Bristol Caverns give you a completely different perspective of the Earth and the natural formations it has to offer. Breathtaking pathways will make you wonder what else lurks beneath the Earth’s surface.



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