The ETSU Eco Nuts

Here at East Tennessee State University, we have a group of student workers who call themselves the “Eco Nuts”.

According to Kathleen Moore, director of ETSU’s sustainability department, the Eco Nuts are students hired by the ETSU Sustainability Department through their Academic Performance Scholarship (APS).

Eco Nuts are peer-to-peer advocates on ETSU’s campus that strive to educate, inspire and advocate for sustainable behavior, such as waste reduction and reducing the amount of energy being used.

Some Eco Nuts are also placed into resident halls on campus to promote other students to practice environmentally friendly habits, such as reminding residents to turn off their lights when they leave their rooms.

Eco Nuts also help plan and run events for the sustainability department on campus, such as hosting screenings of environmental documentaries or teaching other students how to reuse certain household objects for other purposes.

If you are interested in becoming an Eco Nut contact Kathleen Moore for more information on how you can become involved!


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