Forest Fires and how to Prevent Them

Forests are filled with hundreds to thousands of different plant and animal species. As caretakers of this planet, we must keep these areas safe for the creatures on this earth.

After the Gatlinburg Forest Fires, I realized how much these disasters can impact not only human life but plant and animal life.

We have all heard Smokey the Bear say the words, “only you can prevent forest fires,” and he is right.

It’s not hard to prevent disasters like forest fires from occurring. With a little bit of knowledge, anyone can stop these tragedies from happening.

A great deal of forest fires begin by accident. Campers who have recently built a fire may think they have extinguished the fire all the way, but in reality, the fire is still going.

According to, to ensure your campfire is all the way out pour water on the fire until all of the embers are gone and the hissing noise from the fire stops.

If you do not have water, throw dirt on the fire and stir the campfire around until all embers have disappeared. A good rule of thumb is if the area is still warm the fire is not all the way out yet.

It’s that simple to prevent a forest fire from happening. By being extra cautious you are saving the lives of hundreds to thousands of plants and animals!


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