Bears in East Tennessee

East Tennessee is known for The Great Smoky Mountains and its wildlife.

A sighting of a bear is not an uncommon thing in the East Tennessee region. According to, a 2009 Black Bear Bait Station Survey was conducted in 11 east Tennessee counties revealing that out of 423 bait traps set up 280 were visited by bears.

With such a high chance of running into a bear in this area, you should prepare yourself if you ever encounter one.

According to, black bears are the most common type of bear to see in east Tennessee, and since 1970 the black bear population in this area has been rising!

Where are you most likely to find a black bear? According to, black bears can be found in densely forested areas and they tend to make dens in caves and hollow trees.

Although bears may look cute and cuddly, they are far from it. Bears can be very unpredictable creatures.

According to, if you encounter a black bear the best thing for you to do is to back away slowly while keeping your eyes on the bear. Do not turn around and run!

Black bear attacks aren’t that common, but it is always useful to prepare yourself if you ever did encounter a bear!



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