Bays Mountain Park

Bays Mountain Park can be found in Kingsport, Tennessee residing in the Appalachian Mountain Range.

According to, it all started in 1907 when J. Fred Johnson, one of the founders of Kingsport, started buying land in the areas surrounding Bays Mountain.

Johnson was buying this land in order to develop a lake that would be used as a water source for Kingsport. Johnson accumulated around 1,200 acres in the area and sold it to Kingsport Waterworks Corporation.

By 1915 Kingsport Waterworks Corporation began constructing Bays Mountain’s dam. In 1916 the project was completed.

It was in 1944 when Bays Mountain’s dam was outgrown by the number of people living in the region. The dam was retired, and the area quickly became a hot spot for hikers, fishermen and many other outdoor activities.

In 1965, Mayor Hugh Rule showed interest into making the area a public park. Efforts to transform the location into a park started in 1968, and it wasn’t until 1971 the Nature Center was opened.

Ever since then the park has grown more and more. The park now provides a planetarium and many other outdoor activities for kids and adults.

Today, Bays Mountain Park is a popular destination for tourists and locals. If you ever get the chance, go visit this wonderful park!




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